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Vicky Shea, CNHP

Certified Natural Health Professional
Digestive Health Specialist

Vicky Shea is a seasoned and accomplished professional with over two decades of experience and a strong dedication to holistic health and healing. As a Certified Natural Health Professional, she has earned multiple certifications in holistic wellness, leveraging her extensive knowledge and expertise to establish her own holistic practice. Vicky's services focus on optimizing emotional, nutritional, and physical health, targeting various body imbalances in the body to foster comprehensive health and vitality.

A graduate of La Verne University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Data Analysis, Vicky's educational foundation in these fields provides her with a unique perspective on integrating technology and holistic approaches to achieve optimal wellness.

Following her studies, Vicky embarked on an exciting career journey in the Space Shuttle Program, working in engineering with a specialization in data analysis. Her sharp analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail allowed her to make valuable contributions to the program. However, Vicky's true passion lies in helping individuals attain holistic wellness.

Vicky firmly believes that true well-being encompasses all aspects of a person's life, which includes their emotions, nutrition, and physical health. Her holistic approach combines evidence-based techniques with ancient wisdom, aiming to restore balance and harmony to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. Through personalized consultations, services, and treatments, Vicky leads her clients on a transformative journey towards achieving their peak health and vitality.

Vicky's approach to health and wellness is rooted in the belief that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and must be nurtured holistically. She is dedicated to guiding individuals on their personal wellness journeys, helping them achieve optimal health and vitality through natural and sustainable methods.

In her practice, Vicky offers a wide range of services tailored to address specific needs in emotional, nutritional, and physical health. Whether it's supporting clients in managing stress or designing personalized nutrition plans, Vicky's expertise and genuine care empower individuals to take charge of their health and live their lives to the fullest.

With her warm and empathetic nature, Vicky creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients. She listens attentively to their concerns, tailoring her recommendations to suit their unique needs and goals. Her goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

With her multidisciplinary background, unwavering dedication, and extensive training, Vicky is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Through her holistic business, she continues to inspire individuals to embrace holistic wellness as a path to achieving vitality, balance, and lasting health and happiness.


Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) (
Certified Lymphologist (IAL) (
Loomis Digestive Health Specialist (
Certified ZYTO Specialist (

Applied Kinesiology (
Certified Reiki Master Levels I, II, III (

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