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Not a luxury but a necessity!

Your lymphatic system, like the bloodstream, circulates lymph fluid through your body. It contains white blood cells and removes toxins while also carrying proteins, hormones and fats to cells.

Lymphatic system energy is regulated by neurolymphatic reflexes and act like circuit breakers or switches that get turned off when the system is overloaded. Toxins may accumulate and hamper the lymph flow causing energy blockage, discomfort, and pain.

Comprehensive Full Body Lymphatic Body Cleanse
  60 minutes - $12
 90 minutes - $175 
120 minutes -

Promotes blood flow and the movement of fluids through the lymphatic system resulting in increased circulation, chronic pain management, healthy sleep patterns, and stress relief. Provides anti-inflammatory effects, utilized in post-op treatments, and improves mood, better focus and productivity. Also includes acupressure trigger point therapy, myofascial release, organ meridian flowage and tracing, and other modalities the body needs (e.g. Kinesiology, Reflexology, Energy work/release etc.)

Breast Lymphatic Drainage
  30 minutes - $60 

Allows you to potentially detect any irregularities in breast tissue. Also aids in making sure toxins in the lymphatic system are exiting the body and stimulates the secretion of powerful anti-aging hormones such as prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen.

For new moms: promotes breast milk production and prevents clogged milk ducts.

Benefits of Breast Lymphatic Drainage may include

the following:

  • Improves lymphatic circulation: Stimulates the movement of lymph fluid, which may reduce swelling and promote the removal of toxins and waste products from the breast tissue.

  • Reduces breast tenderness: Alleviates discomfort associated with menstrual cycles, hormonal fluctuations, breastfeeding, or other conditions that cause breast tenderness.

  • Enhances breast health: Contributes to overall breast health, potentially reducing the risk of developing breast issues.

  • Encourages relaxation: Induces a sense of relaxation and well-being, helping to relieve stress and tension in the chest and upper body.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 155310.png
  • Facilitates breastfeeding: For breastfeeding mothers, aids in milk flow and prevent blocked ducts, mastitis, and other breastfeeding complications. It can also help reduce engorgement and discomfort.

  • Promotes self-awareness: Allows individuals to become more familiar with the normal texture, size, and appearance of their breasts. This increased awareness can facilitate early detection of any changes or abnormalities, promoting prompt medical attention if needed.

We use and apply approximately 45 different natural organic essential oils, herbal natural healing salves and creams, and homeopathic remedies on all treatments.

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