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Cellular Detox/Sauna
  60 minutes - $40  

Infrared treatment: (Includes all levels of infrared)

  • Far - Works on the cellular level, stimulating the sweat glands to release harmful toxins, increases heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.

  • Mid - Penetrates into soft tissue, helping expand blood vessels and increasing circulation to injured areas of the body. Useful in treating inflammation of the body.

  • Near - Promotes wound healing, skin renewal and tissue growth.


Treatments for:

  • Relaxation, Pain Relief, Cardio - Far, Mid, and Near Infrared

  • Detoxification, Weight Loss - Far and Mid Infrared

  • Anti-Aging - Far and Near Infrared


May increase & improve blood circulation and breathing.


Removes toxins from the body through sweat.

May assist in weight Loss: Heart rate increases substantially. Scientific calibrations suggest 30-min. session at ~170°F burns > 500 cal. Body’s metabolism speeds up similar to exercise.

May cleanse skin more thoroughly than just taking showers; resulting in soft & healthy skin with immediate noticeable effects.

Body relaxation: Stress build-up creates tension which manifests various aches & pains; heat & humidity may diffuse pain & relax tired muscles.

May strengthen immune system: May help produce WBC's to fight infections & ailments.

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