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At GIA, we always start with the basics

We’re inspired by the simple idea that the foundations of wellness can, and should be, better. When you take hydration, nourishment, and energy, and combine them with years of researching, testing, and fine-tuning the best ingredients and biotechnologies, you end up with some seriously elevated products. The kind that optimizes every area of your life, starting with the foundations.

And that’s our promise – wellness that nourishes you. How you weave those elements of wellness into your life is up to you, and we’re with you for every step of the journey.

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Single File Alignment

SFA takes the naturally chaotic structure of water and converts the alignment of molecules into a long-range single file, making the water three times more hydrating, which in turn supports the body’s natural detoxification process. This technology powers our i-H2O Activation System and every liquid GIA product, to ensure our handpicked ingredients are absorbed and used in an optimal way. With SFA the possibilities are endless!


Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

Molecular Resonance Technology is a patented noise-field technology that has shown to help reduce wireless radiation absorption. It is specifically designed to help mitigate the energetic effects of exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).


Energy Resonance Technology

Specific types of energetic frequencies elicit targeted results. By harnessing and applying very specific subtle energies through our proprietary Energy Resonance Technology, each GIA product carries with it these frequencies that enhance their respective effectiveness. With research findings from both Eastern & Western medicine in our corner, ERT is a life-science technology standout.


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There are two types of sign up opportunities: Preferred Customer and Consultant.
Once on the website click Join Us and choose the type of membership you would prefer.

Below is additional information on the two options:

Preferred Customer

20% off Always.

Once you sign-up as a Preferred Customer you will enjoy 20% off retail pricing every time you shop for a year. Even when there is a promotion going on, your 20% off discount still applies. When we say every order, we mean it!

Get Your Favorites Monthly

For an additional 10% off you have the ability to sign up for monthly automatic reorder (ARO)! What is ARO you ask? For an additional 10% off all GIA products, you can have your favorite products shipped to you every month! Want to switch it up and try new products on your ARO? Yes, you can switch up the products you receive at any time!

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive offers just for Preferred Customers! You will receive exclusive deals delivered right to your inbox!


A Wellness Consultant is someone who is excited about redefining wellness with the GIA solutions, and who wants to share “Inspired Wellness” with others.They are entrepreneurs who want to build a business by generating income by sharing GIA products with others and/or building a GIA team of like-minded Consultants.

Business Growth

As a GIA Wellness Consultant/Affiliate, you have plenty of resources to help advance your knowledge of entrepreneurship, relationship building, and how to best serve your GIA Wellness customers and your teammates. With GIA University ( you have access to hundreds of business/product documents, videos, training modules, and much more – all conveniently at your fingertips. We know that at times, learning a new business, new products, and new compensation plan can feel like a LOT! This is why we strive to make all that as easy as possible, and as fun as possible for you as you grow – at your own pace. With live webinars and your own senior business partners, every GIA Wellness Consultant/Affiliate can enjoy independence, while also staying connected to a community devoted to helping consistently helping each other.

NaturalEssence Health & Wellness is an independent website and is not endorsed by or affiliated with GIA Wellness. Any references to GIA Wellness are for informational purposes only and do not imply any endorsement or association.

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