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The Genesis of ASEA


Norton, who established a reputation as a leading business strategist after a long, distinguished career working for and consulting with top multinational companies, found himself serving on the board of a small biotech company. The company was working on groundbreaking technology related to the science of redox signaling molecules—life-sustaining cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

Knowing that supplementing the body’s native supply of redox signaling molecules would optimize cellular function and overall health and wellness, the goal of this company was to recreate these molecules outside the human body and produce them in a consumable product. When the company ran into financial challenges and was forced to sell the redox signaling technology it developed, Norton, recognizing the enormous significance and potential of this concept, partnered with his business partners to purchase the technology.

Working with a team of researchers, the partners commissioned them to develop this pioneering product concept with a three-fold mission: further the stability of the redox signaling molecules in the product, identify and facilitate safety testing and quality control, and commercialize the product so it could be produced in large amounts.

After extensive research and laboratory testing, the breakthrough came. The product that would come to be protected by multiple patents now not only contained active redox signaling molecules, they were shelf-stable and could be taken to the masses. Just by existing, this new product had created an entirely new category in health and wellness.



1) Go To

2) Click On: “Join Here”

3) Make your selections in the “Let’s Get Started” section (a.) and then “Select an Account Type”

     a. Make your selections in the “Let’s Get Started” section

     b. Select Account Type by clicking the specified “Enroll” button as follows:

ASEA Associate
Start an ASEA Business of your own and begin enjoying not only the benefit of purchasing as wholesale prices, but also managing your own business  selling ASEA products.

Requires the purchase of an Enrollment Pack and Monthly Subscription.

Preferred Customer
Allows you to purchase ASEA products at wholesale prices.

Requires a Monthly Subscription.

Retail Customer
Enables you to purchase ASEA products at regular retail prices.

4) Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your sign-up process…Congratulations!

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