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Christopher_face_1200x1200.webp was created as a way for people to find out more information on the formulas created by Dr. John R. Christopher, and how they were originally intended for use.

One of Dr. John R. Christopher's goals was to have an Herbalist in every home, and a Master Herbalist in every community. hopes to further the knowledge of Dr. Christopher by offering detailed information on his formulas, and natural healing programs.

The site also details other information that people might find useful, including various healing programs put together by Dr. Christopher.

The name HerbalLegacy was chosen because of the rich legacy passed on by Dr. Christopher. Please see the biography, An Herbal Legacy of Courage, written by his son David Christopher BA MH AHG, to find out more about his legacy.

At you will find a great deal of information on all of Dr. Christopher's Formulas, Cleansing Programs, Recipes to ensure your good health, and various writings by him. In addition there are testimonials from people who have used these methods successfully. You will not be able to purchase any herbal supplements from this site. This site is intended to educate people in the correct usage of herbs and nutrition.


Dr. John R. Christopher, M.H., N.D.

Once in a great while the earth is blessed with an enlightened soul who is able to raise the consciousness of his fellow man by his love, wisdom and honor. Our founder, Dr. John R. Christopher, M.H., N.D., intended for everyone to have the knowledge to properly care for their own body.

In his youth, Dr. Christopher became interested in natural healing when he saw the results of naturopathic healing in his mother. His enthusiasm increased when he found he was able to cure himself of cancer using natural methods. Throughout extensive legal persecution, personal counseling and rigid lecture schedule, he began formulating what would become his world renowned herbal combinations in 1945. Hailed as America's foremost herbalists, Dr. Christopher developed a training program for herbalists and organized The School of Natural Healing in 1953.


NaturalEssence Health & Wellness is an independent website and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. Christopher's. Any references to Dr. Christopher's are for informational purposes only and do not imply any endorsement or association.

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