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Apex Energetics™ serves the healthcare community as a leading sponsor of cutting-edge functional medicine education and has created an innovative portfolio of research-guided nutritional formulas supported by superior customer service for over 30 years. Our unique approach to nutrition involves capturing and integrating science and healthcare professional insights into successful performance-based health products and strategies for patients. 

Apex Energetics formulas are developed by leading experts in close association with our Scientific Advisory Board. This collaboration integrates a wide range of healthcare perspectives and approaches such as functional medicine, chiropractic principles, Eastern medicine, and the latest nutritional science. Our science-based process results in formulas that maintain compliance with our rigorous quality control standards while meeting unique patient needs.

Our formulas support specific biochemical pathways and physiological processes, such as the neuroendocrine-immune axis, the brain-gut axis, and hepatic detoxification, as well as brain chemistry and functional blood chemistry.

To ensure healthcare professionals and their patients can rely on all of our nutritional formulas we follow significant quality assurance standards much greater than the industry requires and ensure all of our procedures are in compliance with “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” (cGMP).


NaturalEssence Health & Wellness is an independent website and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Apex Energetics. Any references to Apex Energetics are for informational purposes only and do not imply any endorsement or association.

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