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Discounts & Packages

We at NaturalEssence Health & Wellness are very thankful and blessed for the opportunity of assisting you on your ‘pathway to health’.

Please take advantage of the package discounts noted below.  You can personalize your own Package by purchasing the number and type of services you would like in order to obtain the highest discount offered.  Each personalized Package must be paid on the same day as a single purchase; however, you may redeem services on different days/appointments.

Individual Packages:

2 services = 15% discount

3+ Services = 20% discounts

Couples Packages:

1 service each= 15% discount

2 services each= 20% discount

3 services each= 25% discount

Please note examples below and refer to the Services Page to pick your customized package.

  • We thank you for booking your appointments with us and would like to offer you a FREE 1-hour service for every 10 services.

  • We thank you for referrals and would like to offer you a FREE 1-hour service for every 4 referrals.

  • We thank you for purchasing supplements with us to enhance nutrition and assimilation; and would like to offer you discounts based on the amount you purchase.

Supplement Discounts:

$1 - $99    =  5% discount

$100 - $199   = 10% discount

$200 - $299 = 15% discount

$300 and over = 20% discount

We are committed to continue finding ways for you to save as we want to

make this experience as affordable as possible.  Thank you.

The following are examples of discount packages.

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